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    Meso de corpo
    Psychology consultation
    Drº Nuno Henriques
    You can only teach someone to love, to love it. (Goethe)

    Drº Nuno Henriques born in Lisbon completed his basic education in Lisbon Salesians and later realized his degree and master's degree in Psychology at the Applied Psychology Institute, where he was invited to join the Research Unit Cognitive Developmental Psychology and Education and in parallel during the course of their Master, lecturer at the Ispa in the chair of Research Methods of the 4th year of Psychology.

    A natural sequence started his private practice in 2003 developing a practical course focused on Constructivist Psychology and Relational dynamic inspiration.
    Perspective and argues then that psychology consultation, analysis, therapy serves to deepen self-knowledge, but also to deepen the knowledge of the other (the other) and, above all, the relations not only interpersonal but essentially intersubjective.
    With psychology consultation addresses the mainly emotional knowledge of intra and inter-subjective that makes the possibility and results the effectiveness of transformation, essentially transforming the internal object relationship, internal relational model, support key shared implicit relationship, be it communion of identity or complementarity.

    That is, the approach arises from the fact that the human being has the relationship to the other. ie know someone by the relationship that someone down with us and the kind of relationship that raises us.

    Only the emotional and shared experience carries life and implies creation. Creating a work is two in pair in relation when a work least from one to the other.
    For this, psychology consultation traditionally addresses, and well, the traumatic experience of relational rupture, the loss or the threat turns into anxiety that may even be pathogenic, ie, bad-being creative and lack of enthusiasm and fascination by everyday.

    But we emphasize that the loss or distress, the malaise or depressividade and or anxiety, psychology query works and promotes the reunion and the reconquest of an opportunity to preconception to enjoy a new investment for a new sanígena change, or is a movement of welfare creation and happiness.

    Thus, psychology query is for any time of life, facilitating the empowerment capacity of autonomy into the unknown and new: in which predominates the fear (and consequent leakage) or the lure (and consequent achievement).

    Psychology consultation then it is a personal move where you can create what was not but could have been, or a new birth, psychological conditions. That is, a new and different birth personnel in the relationship and the relationship, understood as the moment of new and different relationship, initiated and developed within the therapeutic relationship, and gradually transferred to the system of daily consulting life relationships.
    Therefore psychology consultation allows and promotes achievement in analytical and therapeutic relationship, which is transferred and transported to the daily life of analyzing.

    In short, psychology consultation does not serve only to cases of crisis and mental illness, but rather to promote a resumption of development with autonomy in sanígena relationship, expansive and creative which allows you to think, to realize, reflect and above all enhance your new and original I in harmony with others and with the world that surrounds oea their own creation of your personal challenge for the future.

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