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    • Mulher sobre fundo branco e mão no rosto


    Focused on the treatment of patients in the context of plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, Clínica Ibérico Nogueira was founded in 1995 by Dr. Francisco Ibérico Nogueira.

    This prestigious institution comprises an experienced team which includes plastic surgeons, anesthetists, doctors in various specialties, nurses, nutritionists, beauticians and hospital management technicians.

    With a track record of more than 8,000 plastic surgeries, Clínica Ibérico Nogueira continues to permanently focus on the most modern techniques of aesthetic medicine – non-invasive or minimally invasive –, which include bio-stimulation with plasma rich on growth factors, intralipotherapy, mesobotox, hair mesotherapy, body mesotherapy, face mesotherapy (mesolift), lasertherapy, intense pulsed light (IPL), radiofrequency, fractioned CO2 laser and other dermocosmethic techniques.
    • Francisco Ibérico Nogueira

      Francisco Ibérico Nogueira

      Dr. Francisco Ibérico Nogueira
    See what can be expected after the surgery.
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    The press about us
    This prestigious institution works an experienced team of plastic surgeons, anesthetists, doctors of various specialties, nurses, dieticians, beauticians and hospital management techniques.
    Plastic Surgery clinic
    See the list of surgical treatments we have at your disposal at the Clinic Iberian Nogueira.
    Estética em lisboa com resultados comprovados
    See the list of non-surgical treatments that have at their disposal at the Clinic Ibérico Nogueira.
    Lipoaspiração e cirurgia estética, resultados

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