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    From time to time, due to gravity and progressive loss of skin elasticity, together with a reduction in the volume of the skeleton, you will get excess of skin in the face. Face Lift is a surgery that reduces signs of aging by stretching the face skin: cheekbones, neck, chin and eye lines.

    This procedure includes the detachment and traction of skin and muscles which are flaccid in order to reposition the same and obtain a more juvenile face line.

    The face-lift incisions are normally made so that they become hidden in the temples scalp, folds and natural grooves of the ears contour and in the scalp behind the ears.

    In many situations, and in order to obtain a better result, it may be necessary to associate other techniques to the face-lift like liposuction or fractioned CO2 laser.

    Based on which clinical case, the doctor shall decide upon the most adequate lifting. For example:
    - Mini Lift: carried out in the pre-auricular region of the face and neck. As a general rule, it is used to correct minor wrinkles and sagging in the neck area;
    - Temple Lift: used to elevate the eyebrows and reduce the wrinkles in the upper and external part of the eye. This procedure allows the elevation of the eyebrows as a whole or to merely change their orientation in order to arch them or simply elevate their external end to achieve an “oriental” look;
    - Frontal Lift: used to correct wrinkles in the forehead. These procedures, in addition to treating the wrinkles and sagging in the forehead, are popular at elevating and repositioning the eyebrows, and achieve an important result at rejuvenating the eyes;
    - Cervico-facial Lift: allows an harmonious rejuvenation of all the face as it is carried out in the neck and face area.

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