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    The word peeling comes from the verb “to peel”. The purpose of a peeling is to correct and mitigate the aging of the skin, minimizing fine lines, wrinkles, skin oiliness, pigmentation spots and acne scars, improving its tonus, brightness and texture.

    Depending on the depth of the cutaneous penetration, peelings may be superficial, medium or deep, and all of these must be preceded by an appointment and carried out by doctors with experience in this field.

    In a summarised way we can say that:
    • The superficial peelings, which aim to favour a superficial peeling of the skin, are efficient in young patients with thin wrinkles and patients that wish to renew the external layer of the epidermis which is, for example, slightly keratinized.

    Obviously the efficiency of superficial peelings is limited because its action does not go beyond the epidermis. However, its repeated application may offer good results by eliminating the aged skin and cutaneous spots.

    • The medium peelings are used when it is necessary to obtain more consistent results. In one single session it is possible to obtain the results of 4 sessions of a superficial peeling. This type of treatment is frequently used for medium wrinkles (not too deep) and more accentuated spots. It requires a social absence of 5 to 7 days.

    • The deep peelings are normally made with a chemical compound in which phenol has the greatest relevance. This compound, when in contact with the skin, causes the coagulation of the cells of the epidermis and deep derm which allows to restructure all the cutaneous layers and therefore treat deep wrinkles are rejuvenate highly damaged skin – i.e. treatment of lip wrinkles (“code bar”), crows’ feet, thick skin and very spotted skin.

    These deep peelings have an average recovery of 7 to 15 days, but the skin may remain reddish for a period of up to 3 months during which the skin must be made-up and protected from the sun (high coefficient sun filters).

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