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    Vascular Surgery Appointment

    Vitaminas para a cara
    Angiology and Vascular Surgery is a medical-surgical specialty which deals with disturbances of blood vessels and lymphatic circulation.

    Diseases of veins, arteries and lymph create great discomfort in patients and may give rise to symptoms such as pain, weight feeling, changes in sensitivity and mobility, ulcers and aesthetic disturbances which are related with a very significant prejudice to the quality of life of persons.

    By recourse to this specialty, it has been proved that the majority of the symptoms caused by these pathologies may be attenuated or even removed, and the results associated to this type of treatments – with special emphasis for those related to aesthetic disturbances – which have been obtained are very promising.

    The great majority of the patients that requests this appointment has complaints associated to vein insufficiency, which may affect the vascular sector at various levels, which may go from the presentation of more superficial changes, such as telangiectasias (also known as “vascular spiders” or “spills”), to changes at a deeper level, in veins with higher caliber, which result in the well-known varicose veins. To deal with this type of problems, this appointment makes available to patients the most up-to-date techniques, with recourse to the most advanced technology, including recourse to sclerotherapy and laser therapy, depending on the demands required by each case.

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