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    Laser Leap lisboa
    One of the causes for cutaneous aging is the reduction in function of the cutaneous elastic fibres, which is revealed by the sagging of the skin. Radiofrequency is a very effective technique to fight sagging skin, in some cases preventing the need of a surgical procedure.

    The correction of the sagging of the skin with the use of radiofrequency devices is a recent technique which has evidenced excellent results. It is a non-surgical procedure, highly requested in worldwide aesthetic medicine centres, which was developed to help treating the aging signs of the skin, namely by correcting the sagging of the skin.

    One of the big advantages of this type of procedure is that it may be combined with other techniques such as Botox®, intense pulsed light and peelings, which allows to achieve longer-lasting effects.

    Radiofrequency is a treatment that is carried out with a device which, basically, rejuvenates the skin through heat by warming the skin in depth. This effect is produced by the energy which the radiofrequency transmits to collagen in the deepest layers of the skin.

    In a simplified way, we can say that radiofrequency acts on the cutaneous surface by releasing a retraction effect (as if the skin would shrink).
    It is possible to use radiofrequency to treat any part of the body which presents sagging, whether it is the face, abdomen, arms or buttocks.

    The duration of the treatment depends on the area to be treated and may take from a few minutes up to one hour.

    This method is safe and effective, as the heat which is generated does not cause any type of injury, as may be evidenced by the thousands of treatments which have already been done without records of any complication.

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    There is also melasma occurring in pregnant or taking oral contraceptives or other drugs that may interfere with hormones.

    For successful treatment it is critical to get the correct diagnosis.
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    To this should be evaluated the personal and family history, physical examination, history of injuries (when and in what area began, as spread, it burns, triggers and received prior treatments).

    The complementary study with dermoscopy and Wood light should also be done to determine the depth of the stain and distinguish malignant lesions.

    There are multiple treatments for blemishes. Personally and when properly oriented, the most effective treatment for melasma is the chemical peel with lighteners substances.

    The treatment of solar lentigines can be complemented with intense pulsed light or laser treatment.

    The choice of the substance to be used and its concentration and application technique depends on the diagnosis and the skin phototype (how the skin usually tans). It can be used several substances.

    These treatments also promote collagen deposition, glisocosaminoglicanos and increased capillary vascularization. Therefore, it rejuvenates the skin.

    Another of the most popular reasons for consultation at this time of year is the dry and rough skin after the summer.

    The sun's action promotes dehydration of the skin causing loss of elasticity, fine lines and rough skin.

    Hyaluronic acid is considered our internal moisturizer since it is a molecule capable of absorb water.

    As we age the hyaluronic acid decreases which contributes to a lower capacity of hydration before external aggression from the sun, pollution and tobacco.

    Hydration of the skin is essential to get a fresh look. Creams are essential but not enough to restore the deep moisture that aging and external agents eliminates.

    It is now possible to restore this hyaluronic acid through treatments that improve the elasticity and hydration of the skin on the face, neck, décolleté and hands.

    The hyaluronic acid that it’s used in this type of treatment is not a volumizer or filler, so the result is very natural.

    It can also be considered a treatment for preventing wrinkles from 30-35 years since we are delaying the effect of hyaluronic acid loss and thus maintaining a fresh and youthful air with a reduced need for long-term cosmetic treatments.

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