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    A new concept in facial rejuvenation:

    In order to prevent, treat and delay skin aging, this new technique developed by Francisco Ibérico Nogueira, called Soft Lift, is a minimally invasive treatment. Why? It treats sagging skin on the face and the cervical region via subcutaneous radiofrequency without local anesthesia or hospitalization.

    This new Soft Lift prevents radical surgery with long recoveries -- the patient can return to normal life in about 3 to 5 days. Responding to the highest quality standards, the renowned professionals at Clínica Ibérico Nogueira show that the effectiveness of this treatment depends on the adaptation of the best technique in each case.

    The best news are that the procedure does not require social absence because usually there is no swelling or bruising. In addition, the scar is so small (2mm) that is completely unnoticeable.

    This treatment combines a micro-liposuction technique - which removes small amounts of excess skin and, therefore, reshapes the facial and mandible contour - with a subcutaneous radio that allows the retraction of the tissues without cuts and sutures.

    As a complement, you can also improve the contour of your cheeks and reduce wrinkles with non surgical treatments as hyaluronic acid or botulinum toxin.

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