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    Treatment of Lips

    Cirurgia vaginal
    Considered as one of the main symbols of sensuality, the lips have unique characteristics which make them very important in the composition and harmony of the face. The lips capture a great deal of attention as they are in a central position and in constant movement.

    However, the question that is frequently put is: what may be considered as beautiful lips?

    Common sense says that we find beautiful something that is proportionate, regardless of individual taste, fashion tendencies racial and cultural preferences. In the case of lips, there are characteristics that remain unchanged across decades, namely volume, contour, texture and colour.

    The aesthetic ideal of the last decades has been small and colourful mouth during the 20s, thick and voluptuous lips during the 40s, thin and sketchy lips during the 70s until the excessively big lips during the 90s.

    Currently, the tendency is to go back to a less exuberating aesthetic pattern in which lips should keep a balance with the remaining features of the face, without losing its volume, sensuality and voluptuousness.

    With the aging process, the lips become thinner, less coloured and with more depressed corners. It is also normal to find a stretching of the skin between the nose and the lip and the appearance of vertical wrinkles (“bar code”).

    These changes may start to appear from 35-40 years old onwards. At this age a preventive treatment is essential in order to delay this normal aging process.
    A professional evaluation is essential to determine the aging causes in order to apply the correct treatment and achieve a natural result.

    In the physical exam it is extremely important to evaluate the upper and lower dental arcadia, as these constitute important structures in the form of the lip.

    In order to improve the lip aesthetically it may be necessary to reinforce the contour, increase the volume and/or project the lip. For this purpose we use filling products, namely hyaluronic acid, which allow to model the lip or to recreate volumes that are lost with aging.

    Frequently, it is only necessary to “hydrate” and improve the texture of the lip with hyaluronic acid specific for this purpose. This hydration of the lip is used by younger as well as older persons, as it gives back the texture, contour and structure of the lip without changing is volume.

    These are painless treatments with application of anaesthesia which is similar to the one used in dental procedures.

    The procedure takes approximately 10 to 20 minutes and may cause a light swelling which disappears within a few hours.

    With the current advance of Aesthetic Medicine, the procedure became minimally invasive due to the use of “cannulas” of reduced diameter which allow to prevent bruises and swelling.

    The result has a duration of 6 months which may be increased to 1 year or more if maintenance is done.

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