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    KEEPING YOUTH LONGER - Aesthetic Medicine from the inside

    As the years go by, we begin to notice and feel the symptoms and signs of aging. Despite the wrinkles and fine lines on the face may indicate maturity and give some charm, most of us would rather not have them or at least not so soon.

    Currently, it is possible to rejuvenate the face with aesthetic medicine treatments, minimizing static wrinkles, expression wrinkles and improving skin hydration, preventing or delaying the use of surgery.

    After a medical evaluation, the treatment plan may involve the face mesotherapy with vitamins and growth factors, hyaluronic acid, peels, Laserleap, Co2 laser fractionated, treatments for hydrating and revitalizing the skin, among others.

    In recent years, these treatments have become extremely safe and effective.

    We know and accept that aging is inevitable. But we do not like their signs as those wrinkles on the face, the "crow's feet", sagging, lack of moisture and light. The body begins to undergo changes and feel more difficulty in controlling weight, toning and energy.

    Our body contains more than 100 different types of hormones, which enter the bloodstream at a rate of thousands of billions of units per day.

    Hormones regulate our heart rate and breathing, put us to sleep at night and wake us in the morning, control our blood pressure, build our bones, maintains muscle tone and lubricate joints. They also cause the body to produce energy and heat, burn fat, our control menstrual cycle and allow a pregnancy to occur (and birth). They fight stress, prevent fatigue, calm anxiety and alleviate depression. Hormones do and keep the memories. They also keep the correct level of blood sugar. They allow resist allergic reactions and infections. They soothe the pain. They also control the urge to have sex, virility and fertility. They stimulate our brain and our immune system.

    Hormones are crucial for all functions of our body. But in fact, the environment that we live today, particularly as we age, our body rarely has the optimal levels of hormones. So do not we enjoy the best health and quality of life, whether it means disease or aging of the face and body, lack of weight control or lack of sexual desire.

    Hormonal analysis and its rebalancing is not a miracle cure, but in reality check better results in external treatments of Aesthetic Medicine, more durable and natural, in patients who make this internal rebalancing.

    These studies are also indicated for anyone to feel tired all the time or do not sleep well or feel sad or anxious than it used to be.

    We know that our endocrine glands fail to maintain the same production they had when we were younger. This decrease, which can be balanced, part of the process of signs and symptoms of aging.

    When all the hormones are at optimal levels, our bodies are healthier, efficient, resilient, flexible and strong.

    In most people, these small signs begin to feel around the 30 - 40 years. And no we are referring only to women. Also men begin to feel the weight gain, lack of energy, difficulty concentrating, increased sensitivity to stress.

    With appropriate doses of physiological and natural hormones that are customized according to the analytical results and in small quantities, in combination with diet and hormones require vitamin and mineral supplementation, they can improve the symptoms of aging.

    So as soon as we start this plan you can feel and have a more youthful and healthy appearance.

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