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    Fitness & Fat Attack

    Prepare-se para a chegada do verão e vista o seu biquíni com orgulho!
    Get ready for the arrival of summer and wear your bikini with pride!

    There are many factors that favor the appearance of cellulite and localized fat, including poor eating habits, physical inactivity, smoking and stress. Allied to these causes, heredity and hormonal changes can also trigger the appearance of cellulite.

    The Ibérico Nogueira Clinic suggests the Fitness & Fat Attack plan for the coming of the summer becomes a wish and not a problem.

    The Fitness & Fat Attack plan consists of three different but complementary aspects:

    • Aesthetic Inquiry
    • Nutrition Consultation
    • Physical Monitoring

    Consultation Aesthetics

    In this first phase, a detailed evaluation of the patient is carried out and are possibly prescribed laboratory tests for a more detailed study of the body's metabolism.
    The patient informs his "problem" and the doctor "has" the most appropriate solution to the patient, which may discuss surgical and non-surgical treatments such as:

    • Surgical treatment: Liposuction w / or w / o fat grafting:

    The liposuction surgery which aims to remove the subcutaneous adipose tissue in order to reshape the body contour eliminating the undesired accumulation of fat is surgical weapon of choice.

    • Treatments Non Surgical: Mesotherapy, Endermologie (LPG) and Radio Frequency

    Nutrition consultation

    Still in the plan "Fitness & Fat Attack" is performed a personalized nutritional consultation, which is rated the nutritional behavior of the patient, the anthropometric - percentage of body fat, water, muscle mass, body mass index, perimeter waist, among others, and performing routine analysis. These allow design an appropriate treatment plan for each patient.

    There is also a patient monitoring on a monthly basis for validation and adaptation of the food plan, thus obtaining a consistent and lasting weight loss.
    This nutritional plan should be complemented by specific treatments that have as main objective to "help" to release / eliminate this excess adiposity.

    Physical advice

    It also presented a service exclusive and personalized service, in which a specialist in exercise explains the objectives, advantages and benefits of numerous physical exercises that can be performed at home using utensils / product / materials that exist in our houses.

    These exercises are designed for patients who have little time available and may not use gymnasiums or wasting time in traffic.

    The purpose of physical advice is to foster a taste for exercise, so that the patient can be informed of its benefits (prevention of cardiovascular disease, anxiety reduction, generates welfare feeling, reduces stress, increase self esteem, among others).

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