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    Endermology (LPG)

    Preenchimento de lábios
    Cellulite, typically feminine, results from the accumulation of fat in adipocytes (hypoderm fat cells) and retention of water (derm and hypoderm). As the adipocytes increase in volume, the enclosures in which these are contained are deformed and pull the cutaneous anchor points, which cause the appearance of the “orange peel” look in the skin. At this stage, the greatest problem arises from the fact that this process auto-feeds itself due to the strangling of the blood circulation, causing the stagnation of the metabolic waste, the nutritious impoverishment and the congestion of the conjunctive tissue which loses elasticity and creates fibrosis. This deeply unaesthetic state turns these cellulite areas into areas that are not sensitive to physical exercise as well as to the most drastic diets.

    Endermology (LPG) helps to develop harmony in the conjunctive tissue and activates the blood and lymphatic circulation, favouring the elimination of metabolic waste. This painless procedure causes a well-being and relaxation feeling. It re-establishes and activates certain natural functions of the organism and the skin.

    • The treatment is personalised and adapted to the sensitivity of the skin of each patient and shall never be painful.
    • Endermology acts on cellulite and quality and look of the skin and may be accompanied by a slight weight loss;
    • A balanced nutrition and regular physical exercise further enhance the results of endermology.
    Normally you will obtain effective results from the third session.

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