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    Female Intimate treatment


    The feminine intimate surgery, also called vaginoplasty or vaginal surgery, is the most indicated surgical procedure to correct changes in vaginal aesthetic.

    The most common reasons which lead women to intimate surgery are the excess size of the small or large vaginal lips, the excess volume of the pubian area, which sometimes may even prevent the use of very tight trousers or bikinis, the darkening of the vaginal area that may be considered unaesthetic, the lack of sexual satisfaction and, lastly, the pain that may result from sexual friction.

    We set out below some of the procedures that may be carried out at Clínica Ibérico Nogueira:

    Labioplasty – to reduce or redefine the small or large vaginal lips, indicated in situations of sagging, hypertrophy (excess volume) or malformations problems.

    Perineoplasty – to reconstruct the muscles in the region, which may become changed after successive natural child births or in the course of the aging process. Sometimes the lowering of the bladder causes urinary incontinence, besides interfering in sexual life.

    Reduction of vaginal channel – also indicated in situations of enlargement due to successive natural child births or in the course of the aging process, the loss of elasticity interferes in sexual relations.

    Liposuction – to eliminate excess fat in the pubic area.

    Hymenoplasty – the reconstruction of the hymen is a simple procedure in which the surgeon uses a snip extracted from the vaginal mucosa of the patient herself.

    Increased G Point - Since in 1950, the German physician Ernest Gräfenberg announced the existence of an erogenous zone that would bring more intense orgasms and even lead some women to ejaculate, then dubbed "G-spot" has not ceased to follow a point of question for many people.

    After some research and experience today through hyaluronic acid infiltration directly into the G-spot is possible to increase the sensitivity, area and boss of the "G-spot" as it increases friction during intercourse in a sexual relationship.

    The substance used infiltrated the traditional hyaluronic acid also applied fills wrinkles, contour and increased lips, cheekbones and others.

    Quick and painless treatment that does not require any type of anesthesia.

    Vaginal Bleaching - treatment that aims to reduce the darkening of the labia, which may have hormonal causes or a natural characteristic of women.

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