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    Factors such as multiple gestations, substantial weight loss or genetic contributes to the development of sagging, fat deposits, and stretch marks in the abdominal region.
    As these areas do not respond to diet and physical activity routines, the abdomen assumes disproportionate size relative to the rest of the body.

    The mini-abdominoplasty removes flab, fat deposits and lower abdomen stretch marks below the navel. The abdominal muscles stretched and weakened over time are so stretched, restoring the appearance of a firm abdomen and plan.

    The mini-abdominoplasty usually requires a simple incision, which distinguishes it from a classic abdominoplasty. This is because the partial reduction of the umbilicus abdomen procedure continues in its original position, it doesn’t requires incisions around the same, but above the pubic area.

    Although the incision is shorter than a total reduction of abdomen, their length and their shape depend on the extent of treatment, as well as the body contours. Some surgeons attempt to strategically position the incision to be hidden by underwear, for example.

    It is recommended the use of post surgical compression garment. These straps help reduce edema and avoid the formation of liquid as well as providing comfort and support the healing process.

    The points are reabsorbed over time. However, non-resorbable points must be removed one week after the procedure, however, some sutures can remain up to three weeks. Most patients return to their daily life in one to two weeks.

    Abdomen reduction procedures may be performed alone or in conjunction with, e.g., liposuction, for best results.

    Although scarring is permanent, it fades with time. It is important to note that new pregnancies and substantial gain or weight loss can compromise the result. With proper diet and exercise the results of the mini-abdominoplasty can be durable and remain for several years.

    Note: The mini-abdominoplasty should not be considered a treatment for obesity or a substitute for diet and physical activity. Patients with indication for mini tummy tuck should be healthy and relatively fit.

    Future pregnancies and substantial changes in weight after mini-abdominoplasty procedure may reduce the effectiveness and longevity of treatment.

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